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Month: October 2011

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On creativity

List - 33 ways to stay creative

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Stay­ing cre­at­ive is a tricky beast — with so much inform­a­tion being thrown at us from all dir­ec­tions, it can be hard to release your mind from the dis­trac­tions and really focus on cre­at­ing some­thing new.

I’m work­ing on a per­sonal pro­ject to get my cre­at­ive syn­apses prop­erly fir­ing, but I’m find­ing it hard to really get it off the ground. By the time I get home from work my abil­ity to think cre­at­ively has been used up for another day and the minutae of run­ning a house­hold takes over. How does one find the time to think and work cre­at­ively while there are tow­els to be washed, pots of pasta to stir, cat lit­ter trays to empty and gym mem­ber­ships to ignore?

Num­ber 2 on this list is finally work­ing its way into my daily life: for all the years I have loved Mole­skine note­books, I’ve always been ter­rible at actu­ally using them. I’ve col­lec­ted all the part-used note­books and put them in a pile by my front door to remind me to take them with me when I leave the house, so now all I just come up with some­thing to go in them.

Num­ber 11 has also been taken on with some gusto lately, but is fal­ter­ing as I inev­it­ably find myself listen­ing to my three ‘new’ bands (at the moment Frightened Rab­bit, The National, and Bön Iver) on repeat and for­get to look for any­thing else. A Spo­tify sub­scrip­tion should hope­fully resolve this. Are you listen­ing Santa?

Next, I’m going to take on num­ber 31 — my work­space is cur­rently wherever I end up with my laptop, usu­ally on the sofa in front of the TV… not the most inspir­ing. I’ve decided there shall be two spaces for work in my flat: my din­ing table for hanging on to the kit­chen winter warmth and the study for the ser­i­ous ‘get your head down’ stuff. Now where do I find the motiv­a­tion to tidy up my work­space so I can have the motiv­a­tion to work?

Coin­cid­ent­ally, I picked up the first issue of Innov­ator Scot­land at lunch­time which has an inter­est­ing piece on cre­ativ­ity. Read it — and the whole magazine — here (page 22).

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This is mainly for my own use but as oth­ers seem to be find­ing it use­ful I’ll pub­lish it here. (Full spread­sheet can be found at Google Docs)

Thanks, Steve

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